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ITALTRACK is our first milestone, totally envisioned, architecture-driven and written by our AI to track and certify the different work phases pertaining to the movement of goods.

A customer can easily and directly verify the process and a service provider or producer can guarantee quality of work and service.

More info on the dedicated web site in English  and Italian


COINACTIVATOR transforms a regular non-coin company into a custom coin-operating organization.
The Coinactivator company was established to introduce the blockchain system for the correct digitization of its company within its own company or organization, also giving the possibility of creating tokens and even its own cryptocurrency listed on the markets.

The structure of one's company, of production, of personnel, of the treated elements and of the products is analyzed and mathematically decomposed and the blockchain structure becomes the skeleton for the general functioning. The blockchain is used as a carrier and not as an accessory.
The company provides all the services, support and staff training necessary for the success of the new digital blockchain company.

FLOPPY.US is our AI powered E-Commerce unique solution to every shop and warehouse on the planet to provide token-ready movement of goods.
It is created on a flexible system that allows being coupled with other platforms.

More info on the dedicated page.

MEDICINEBC is our latest solution that facilitates athletes and patients along with health care providers and medical researchers.

More info on the dedicated web site.

OIL&GAS was developed with the vision to check actual oil and gas production and management and its movement, thus ensuring not just safe processes but also reliability of production output statistics.

More info on the dedicated web site.


We believe in the green energy so we are developing also a energy tracking blockchain, in order to track every aspect: from the production to the final accounting. is not just a gateway but a way forward to tokenize green energy producers and their interactions with customers.

More info on the dedicated web site.

MATHEMATICS COIN is AI in its purest form. Made of special tokens, our engine breaks down every problem into a mathematical model to generate customized solutions for crypto businesses.

The idea of an asset, grossly called coin, backed by mathematics, AI and data allowing an intelligent exchange of fungible (and in some case not fungible) assets is the first focus of this company.
The internal development of smart AI agents able to understand and optimize very complex and expensive systems could help companies achieving many different results:
- reduce up to 99% the time needed to find a fault in a complex system (eg. oil platforms)
- reduce to almost 0% the idle and unused time in complex workflow, assembly/production lines.

In practice is a web Application for inserting tests formulas and TensorFlow code.

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STRONGARTIFICIALINTELLIGENCE is our Idea Incubator and we harness everything that science has to offer such that thought becomes reality.

More info on the site.


SupercomputingX is our division dedicated to the supercomputers.

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