ItalTrack Olive Oil


Traceability of olive oil requires a lot of attention In order to be well done.
The blockchain technology makes it possible to develop a system that can effectively map the entire oil-wine supply chain effectively countering the phenomenon of wine counterfeiting, guaranteeing the recognition and traceability of the product.
Our aim is to apply this important innovation in a sector where the application of new technologies is difficult, allowing communication between consumers, producers and intermediaries; in this way new transparent and efficient business and communication models are emerging.
In practice the idea is to trace every single bottle of wine and oil, from birth to its consumption, with certain data shared and with controlled access.
This data can then be viewed using a special app that can read the coded code on each individual bottle.

Oil for human consumption is a particularly critical subject, for which extreme care must be taken during all phases (harvesting, squeezing ...) otherwise the final product may be vitiated by various defects (e.g. taste and / or anomalous color).

Our solution foresees the traceability in blockchain of all the aspects and phases of the production in order to guarantee the safety to the consumer and the immediate feedback on how, where and why a problem was born on a particular lot in order to intervene promptly.
Below some mockups of our system.
Authentication for granting access to BlockChain uses very high bank level security standards, with double authentication too:

Examples of tables and producer’s modules:

The high technical standard of our solution allows you to keep under control every operational aspect of olive production, so that there is maximum food safety for users who at the supermarket just pointing their smartphone at the barcode of the bottle can be reassured about the purchase by knowing the most important blockchained details of the item.

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