ItalTrack Food is a solution that is mainly used through a website.
The idea of recording information relating to the traceability of agricultural products on a system that guarantees the immutability of the information entered is absolutely necessary both for the health of the citizens and for the collective well-being, with important repercussions even on the individual small producer.

The technology behind this idea is the introduction of the blockchain / multichain in the agricultural sector as a business model to produce, collect, manage crops, process and store, transport and distribute agricultural products throughout Italy and in perspective all over the world. The blockchain / multichain will be used to store data relating to production, transport, storage of agricultural products, pre and post harvest activities to ensure a direct connection between farmers and end consumers. This will bring transparency into the agricultural industry and will help to make effective farmers' decisions to commercially decide the type of crops to be grown in the next season.

Italtrack intends to intervene in this process by changing the concept of traditional agriculture and agricultural practices to manage it as a modern business, through blockchain / multichain technology; this same business model can then also be used to establish prices, through the availability of specially developed Artificial Intelligence models, thus introducing added value to the simple traceability of data.

Moreover, it will be possible to reduce the unpredictability of the sector itself, thanks to the real-time availability of data on the origin, production and transport of agricultural products.

Obviously this is just the tip of the iceberg, behind the site designed and customized for the specific needs of the operator and easy to use, there is also a complex set of technologies based on BlockChain, cryptocurrency service payment management, possible interfacing with other IT services, evaluation of data entered with Artificial Intelligence technologies.
In order for those who are reading to understand the process implemented by Italtrack Food we make a practical example:
We are in the supermarket, on the shelf there are many brands that offer the same object: a tomato sauce.
What is the story of this tomato sauce? How can I be sure that tomatoes were really organic, as stated on the label?
How this bottle or can of tomato juice arrived on the shelf is a complex path:

Each step is commonly managed with isolated systems that often do not communicate with each other.
Often there is a central authority that causes bureaucracy: incomplete information, lack of complete checks on tampering, replacement.
Food fraud costs billions each year: many people have died globally from food poisoning.
Traceability can quickly identify the batch that caused a problem by avoiding the unnecessary destruction of an entire product line.

Italtrack: is a general ledger based on blockchain not controlled by a central authority.
This general register writes encrypted data that is shared between the nodes of the network that participate in the process, is validated by the network itself and composed of traced, immutable and highly secure transactions.
Anyone in the chain has a copy of the entire process and certifies the truth, it is technically not possible for one link in the chain to manipulate other data.

ItalTrack is a blockchain-based ledger that can receive data mainly from the ItalTrack website, but it is an expandable solution based on microservices capable of receiving traceability data from various sources such as mobile apps, IoT (Internet of Things).
The solution can be adapted for specific needs and is scalable to offer a large number of transactions every day.

A blockchain is an append-only structure: you can only add new data, there is no way to change or modify: IF something has been registered with incorrect data, it is required to act as on the old ledger, ie a new one accounting reversal recording.
From the developer's point of view it is possible to query a blockchain only with a forward-only approach (forward only), it is necessary to perform a line-by-line scan of the chain, it is not possible to query the chain with relational operators and therefore a scan must be performed line by line, isolate the elements that correspond to the query, save them on an intermediate structure and then present the result: this could be a very burdensome process.
ItalTrack has an innovative structure that allows the benefits of a blockchain combined with the versatility and speed of a relational database.

In ItalTrack the blockchain is called only when data is entered, since the data is simultaneously inserted into the blockchain.
Each operation is monitored and recorded in log files, with a dedicated web interface for monitoring and alerts.

The site requires authentication, each user can only see their own data

Once authenticated, this is the basic aspect of the site:

What we are observing from now on is a generic basic version, the first step is the addition of a new registration by clicking on Add Article:
The site can be made available in various languages, at the top right you can see the menu for changing the language; the site automatically uses the default language of the user's web browser using English if it does not find a specific location defined during the construction of the site
This below is an example of a generic form:

Where we add the data of a typical food item.
When you click Save, a confirmation is requested, and a code is generated for the article.
If an APPEND or END status is selected in the State, we are forced to choose one of the codes of a previous START registration that does not have an END node, so we are building a chain of linked processing steps:

By clicking on a block time in the table which lists the chain we can review the information entered, if we clicked on a START node we can also download the QRCode of the main article in png format:

This operation can be performed automatically, i.e. we can automatically generate the QRCode of all or part of the archive also with periodical system jobs.
The QR code represents a web address that provides the complete chronology of the article.

With a QRCode program for smartphone you can read the QRcode and then open the URL within the QRcode.
Below is a basic example; note that the information is displayed in the phone language: in this case the Italian (currently supported EN IT FR)

Each user sees the data listed in reverse chronological order, if it is necessary to search the articles database ItalTrack provides a simple basic interface as shown in the figures below, but the queries can be customized and managed by the administrative user by creating ad-hoc modules.

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