What we do

Our mission

Our vision is to unite AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Blockchain to optimize the different processes, sometimes too complex to simply understand them and provide a reliable and very efficient tool to push the business of our customers to the next stage.
The approach used is different from any other solution on the market at the moment: instead of creating a general solution and trying to adapt it, using highly qualified development and consultants EnergyChain exploits the strong experience to create customized solutions.

We are a dynamic society composed of these agile branches:
- FoodChain
- Blockchain of drugs
- Certification and tokenization Blockchain
- Blockchain for medical data
- Video games and supercomputing simulations - online games / simulators for scientific research / tests
- Insurance Blockchain (any object / insurable concept)
- Wine blockchain
- Blockchain olive oil
- Blockchain Production of energy / consumption (egauge)
- Supercomputing in areas of oil and gas
- End of life engineering chain
- Supercomputing for SMEs in small and medium enterprises
- Robotics and autonomous devices (stratospheric balloons / drones / robots / trucking)
- Space missions and high risk
- Artificial Intelligence Educational School without profit + trainees + top paid courses
- Lab X: Innovations, IP ownership, high level technical team

Strong Artificial Intelligence, 101 California Street, San Francisco CA 94111 +1 650 603-0882 info@strongartificialintelligence.com