It must however be specified that everyone can see everything as a basic principle, then in reality access can be limited only within a company group and / or the information can be partially protected to comply with regulations such as the GDPR.

The traceability of energy is in many cases a legal requirement but often this traceability is an internal element of the manufacturing or processing company.
All those who must give a certain, secure and verifiable traceability cannot do without a Blockchain.

The justification of the price of a product comes from its intrinsic quality, but how can it be guaranteed? And above all how to make it known?

Today the market is essentially divided into two categories:
- The economic product
- The high quality product

It is evident that the average consumer does not have the cultural bases to fully understand and justify the different quality.
Educating the consumer to conscious choices is fundamental but it is the producer who must enable him to know and understand.

Here is where the Blockchain becomes fundamental, an information

Be assured that those who do not have adequate quality requirements for their products will be careful not to give complete information on the product and will perhaps focus on a high-sounding name, spending millions on advertising to ensure that the unwary buy the name and not the content .
Who has the quality but does not have the opportunity to spend so much has in this way the way to make known the real characteristics of its product.

By buying a certain amount of tokens (tokens) the customer knows exactly what the cost of a lot of goods is, regardless of size because each record costs a token, or, for large quantities, it is possible to sign a fixed-price contract with an unlimited number of articles.

  • We guarantee the chain from the first manufacturer to all subsequent steps
  • We value the product because it is verifiable by the consumer
The food does not have a single characteristic for which we are already active for:
  • Wine
  • Oil
  • Honey
We are able to customize the path of any product, at prices that are the absolute best on the market.

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