We established Coinactivator to introduce the blockchain system for correct digitization of a subsidiary company and to create tokens and cryptocurrency that could be listed in the markets in the future.
At Coinactivator, we analyse the structure of your organization to gain insight into production and personnel, and determine the elements that constitute each product.
These are mathematically fragmented to ensure that the blockchain structure we create is unique to you, and that it becomes not just the skeleton but also the blueprint for your business.
And so, the blockchain we create is used as a strategic carrier and not a mere accessory.
Coinactivator is a full-suite company and we provide all requisite services, support and staff training necessary to unleash and harness the power of your newly digital blockchain company.
The availability of any information on a blockchain / multichain allows us to guarantee and therefore to certify its authenticity without a doubt.
The proposed system is not based on 51% consent to certify the validity of a datum but rather on a private network, easy to manage and protect, with encrypted information and an additional control layer that guarantees against non-access and unauthorized changes.

Initiation & Exploration 

Just as the pioneers did, we will enter uncharted domain with you and our project management professionals to determine the lay of our project's land. We will create a map that details the following:
  • Your single most critical business need from the project
  • Planned objectives for the near-, mid- and long-term business
  • Scope of activities with timelines and resource requirements
  • A risk-reward matrix with costs and constraints
  • The team that will jointly work on the project with key stakeholders
Defining User Experience 

Our team of technical experts work with you on the the user experience goals that you have set for your business.
From every meeting with your team, we would determine the list of features that you require from your product and then develop the following:
  • Flow of activities
  • Critical milestones
  • Executive presentation for approval of milestones, resource allocation and solution statements
  • Information Architecture (optional)
  • Prototype (optional)
White Paper and Collateral 
Coinactivator can assist you ably with your marketing efforts by creating a White Paper and to support business development initiatives.
We would work with your team to highlight facts that are favorable to generate sales leads, establish thought leadership, make a business case, or inform and persuade prospective customers, channel partners, journalists, analysts, or investors.


Just a few steps short of a prototype, Coinactivator would provide you with up to 6 wireframes that are a static image of the product we shall develop for you.
Based on your requirements and business inputs, we could even revise some of the product features to give you the product that will truly catapult your business into a realm of professionalism and usher in a revolutionary customer experience.

Investors Documentation and Funding 
Capital is the basic ingredient for any business to thrive and we can help on this front too with our network of partners and business supporters.
From bootstrapping to private funding to crowd funding, or conducting roadshows and investor presentations to seeking angel investment, venture capital and bank loans, Coinactivator will stand by you and support your every business decision in obtaining funding.
We will help you with writing persuasive proposals and executive summaries to suit every type of investor and funding source.


Coinactivator brings to you a team of Italian designers backed by strong technical professionals to help you design a product that not only provides functional utility and rich user experience but also appeals to the aesthetic.
Based on your requirements, we can support you with design of your online presence, corporate identity and associated collateral.

Crypto Token Development 

Research shows that in the first half of 2018, there were claims of ICO raising funds about US$ 15B with a growing demand.
Coinactivator works with your team to determine the flow of business and activity.
Our Blockchain development experts help you create digital assets in the form of crypto tokens that convey the transparency of your business and help you gain customer confidence and ICO marketshare sooner than your competitors.
We will provide a wide array of ICO development services from conceptual token design and creation to third party audits and deployments to the public.

Proof of Concept (PoC) 

Coinactivator will help you demonstrate the feasibility of integrating your digital assets and coins with your business goals and organizational vision.
A PoC helps to not just determine your product's viability but also to isolate technical issues and to suggest overall strategic direction that aid you in budgeting and other forms of decision making processes.
We will help you with audits and deployment to the beta or test network and assist you in demonstrating the PoC to your stakeholders.
Upon your direction, we shall then commence with developing a prototype that may be used to seek funding or to demonstrate to prospective customers.

Smart Contract 
Smart Contracts digitally facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract.
By being traceable and irreversible, Smart Contracts facilitate credible transactions and ensure fulfillment of contractual obligations without third parties.
Coinactivator provides services that help to analyse contracts to spot bugs and conflicts and help with full verification.

Token Sale Portal 
Coinactivator can provide for a token sale portal in the planning phase of the project itself byt providing for a suite of tools that enable the sale of an organization's tokens.
This ensures that you do not fall foul of anti money laundering laws or allow the financing of unverified customers (KYC, AMLA, etc).
Depending on your choice of payment fulfillment, Coinactivator can design and provide services to accept crypto and regular currency payments and transferring them to the appropriate wallets or banks.


A prototype is like the airplane models the Wright Brothers created and pioneered to test their flying abilities! Coinactivator creates prototypes for you to evaluate our new product as if it were the end product, so that your feedback may be incorporated into the final design without additional costs or time overheads.
You could also ask your customers and end users to test the prototype for more precise coding.

Hardware Planning and Architecture 
Coinactivator will provide you with every recommendation for your hardware requirements, set-up and architecture such that you are able to meet your business requirements without faltering or outage.
We will also help you in any final selection process of products and services from vendors.

Minimum Viable Product Development (MVP) 
A step higher than a Prototype, MVP is a technique that creates a product with just enough features to satisfy test customers or early adopters and incorporate their feedback in subsequent product development.
You can realize your investment with the MVP product and assess its functionality and usage to ensure that the next roll out is better suited to your business needs.

Complete Product Development 

A drum roll for the final product! Coinactivator will provide you with the final product created and enabled fully from your business vision.
We will support you through every phase of the rollout including investor and executive presentations, and provide you with a full set of documentation and training.

Maintenance and Follow-ups 
We understand that there could be several unknown market constraints and drivers during the completed product development phase, and so, Coinactivator will support you after handing over the completed product to you, and these follow-up requirements may discussed during initial planning or subsequently after rollout.


Coinactivator can design and create a wallet that stores, sends and receives digital currency and keep a check on their balance.
We will do this based on your business requirements of volume and security to ensure you get the perfect software to meet your business goals.