The necessity to learn coding for life and work. Solutions available to nowadays problems.

Maurizio Viviani,

What is artificial intelligence? Is it just an algorithm?

How can we improve it in a good way? Why feedback?

Ethic, freedom and strong artificial intelligence. Can they live together?

Technology and human evolution.

Economy and technology.

Big data and difficulties: solutions.

The big step: probabilistic knowledge vs deterministic knowledge.

High Performance Computing: Supercomputers. Quantum computing. We need expert programmers.

Robotics and HPC.

Internet Of the Things. We need many programmers.


1) Study - Robots are not taking jobs (ROBOTENOMICS - TRACKING THE EVOLUTION OF ROBOTS)
2) Fortune: 'Highly creative' professionals won't lose their jobs to robots, study finds
3) Eatsa: Full automated restaurant in San Francisco.
Welcome to the robot-based workforce: will your job become automated too? From waitstaff to care companions and legal researchers, the future of the machine worker is here.
But where does that leave humans ?
4) Federico Pistono: Robots will steal your job but that’s OK. How to survive the economic collapse and be happy.
5) Cisco: “Will robots inherit the earth? Yes, but they will be our children”
6) Bill Gates I: People Don't Realize How Many Jobs Will Soon Be Replaced By Software Bots
7) Bill Gates II: More kids should learn to program
8) Sebastian Thrun. Peter Norvig:
Changing the world in good.
9) Andrew Ng. AI is the new electricity.